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Wet 'n' Wild See Ya Soon

Tis the season for all things dark and mysterious. This color is absolutely perfect for that! I found it at Walgreens, which is the only place I can ever find any WnW stuff that wasn't around when I was still in high school. 

It's a lovely black based polish packed with shimmery teal flecks. I'm sure Amanda knows just what sort, but all I say is "OOOH SHINY!" In the bottle it has a delicious purply-fuschia flash...that does not translate to the nail at all. DAMN AND BLAST. I still love it though. I only needed 2 coats for complete opacity, though I used 3 just for the sake of the picture. I am enjoying a bit of tip wear after less than 24 hours, but I think thats more my basecoat's fault than the polish. I deviated from my usual base in an effort to make it last longer. Lesson learned (or so you'd think. I'll do it again...)

I think it definitely has a place in the Halloween scene. It is the color of mermaids blood, so if you were thinking of being a zombie Ariel, this is the color for you.

you can see a breath of that purple flash on the
corner of the bottle. 


  1. You were right, this is very similar to Sea Change! Definitely agree that this is the color of mermaid blood....which makes Sea Change the color of merman (Not Ethel)...mermen...MERDUDE blood. That made more sense in my head, my thoughts usually don't translate well to words on a screen.

    1. Hahaha, I was thinking Mermaid Man...but merdude works so much better!


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