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Julep Supernova Mystery Box

I managed to talk the husband into getting me my Xmas gift a little early this year! I got (yet another) email from Julep about their special boxes of polish. Generally, I have zero interest. My experiences with Julep polish have been less than stellar. (see what I did there?) This time, the spam email actually had something I was interested in: space themed mystery boxes. I finally broke down, and got a Julep product. I'm really glad I did, it was just such a good deal!

yes. yes they are.

everything. I didn't even know what was here.

all unwrapped!

The Polishes:
(left to right)

it really isn't a bad deal. Look at the shiny!

moisture masks for nails, hands and feet.
hand scrub, hand lotion, and nail treatment.

I haven't really played with anything other than the Rock Star hand creme. It's a little greasy for my taste, but the smell is pleasant and the lotion is hydrating. I promise to report back once I've played with the products! I can definitely see some halloween friendly applications here!


  1. Replies
    1. There are! I've got swatches in the works...and possibly a giveaway of a few of them!

  2. Oooo! I eyed this one up....a lot....and ended up passing on it seeing it now, I'm a bit bummed that I did. Some really cool colors in there!


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