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My Only Two Choices from Wet 'n' Wild Halloween 2013

Welcome to Pretty Ghoul Science and the start of our favorite season!

The Wet 'n'Wild Halloween stuff has been pretty universally panned this year. The Fantasy Makers stuff is pretty meh, and the colors of polish that were promoted from the Wild Shine line were just mildly disappointing neons...and not even new ones, from what I've read. Regardless, I still wanted a few things from it, because it is my favorite collection every year. I only picked two this time...and I really should have just grabbed one. (disclaimer, my CVS was woefully understocked. There wasn't a whole lot of room for choice.) 

My Picks:
Frank is Mine
Ghoul Time

I have no idea why, but the greens spoke to me this year. The color definitely doesn't fit into my final Halloween plan, but I really don't have a lot of green in my collection. I wanted to pick something that I would/could/should wear all they are neon, and I am a sucker for neon.

four thick coats + seche vite

I am really regretting Frank is Mine. It's a dead-ringer for Spoiled Permission to Proceed once it's on the nail. Which, if you remember, I hated with a firey passion. I was tricked, looking at it in store next to the neon pinks, into thinking this was a neon green. It's barely neon. The only thing remotely neon about it is the demi-matte finish. So sad. It's a decent jelly, I suppose. I can't make it work, I don't have the patience for it. I used 4 thick coats here. Maybe I'll try something Halloweeny with it at a later date.

My by-far favorite is Ghoul Time. It's an electric, acid green with gold shimmer. So happy. So obnoxious.

two coats + sponge coat + gelous

The typical kid-safe Halloween green. (my little minions were all over it!) It is quite thick, and I only needed two coats for complete opacity. It does take a little while longer than I expected to dry, which surprised me. I bonked it while trying to take pictures. The dense shimmer also makes it prone to streaks, but a pass with Amanda's patented sponging makes them disappear. From what I've been reading, this is also not a new color, which is disappointing. YOU HAD ONE JOB, WnW! Still, it's a happy color, and if you buy nothing else, pick this one up at least.


  1. Thanks for this review! I will be skipping Frankie and grabbing Ghoul Time next time I'm at CVS!

    1. no problem! Frank is a total pass. And while I hear that Ghoul Time is another rehash, it's still pretty.


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