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Horf Sandwich

Halloween is almost here!  Just a week to go.  So far we've done cute, we've done creepy, we've done weird, we've done spooky, and we've done elegant...but we haven't done gross.  Until now!  It wouldn't be Halloween without a little grossness, would it?


It's three coats of China Glaze Budding Romance, one coat (and some dabbing) of Sally Hansen White Veil, and another coat of Budding Romance.  I first did this back in May, but I was so thrilled with the barfiness of it that I knew I'd have to save it for Halloween.  It's so....icky!

I'm in love with the slimy, offbeat gorgeousness of Budding Romance in general.  Just look at how outstandingly uglypretty it is!

...though I think they should have saved it for their Halloween collection.  It's so dead-on perfect for it.  Instead it was part of their spring Avant Garden collection.  It's the only one I picked up.  Almost missed it too, since I was just learning to love yellow-toned greens as it went on clearance.  So happy to have found this bottle waiting for me at Sally!  White Veil was a chance find too.  It's from the Spring '12 LE Diamond Strength collection.  I got it in a five-pack at Ross right around the same time I bought Budding Romance.  I don't think this combo would have happened if I hadn't had both fresh in my mind at the same time.

I know orange is supposed to be Halloween's main color, but I'm loving green way more for it this year.  No shock there really, since green's probably my second favorite polish color.  What color are you going with?


  1. I LOOOOVE Budding Romance. It's such a great color. Never thought to do a layering with it, though...

    1. I test most crellies and jellies for sandwich potential. Testing another tomorrow. ;)

  2. I love this and all its general blurghness! Also, I'm crazy jealous of anyone that lives near a Ross.

    1. Thanks! :D People turn green when I talk about all of the shopping around here. It's nuuuuts. The Philly area is all about shopping, eating, and drinking. I hope I never leave it. lol


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