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Insta-Dri Gradient and a Dash of Glitter

 Everyone has heard about my problems with Walmart lately. It was a travesty, really. I finally got ahold of the polishes, and I am so happy that I did! My second favorite is this glitter. If I were 13, I'd be drawing my name next to this polishes name with little hearts all around. (I still really really really love Pieces of Papaya.) I absolutely love this stuff over pretty much any polish. Someone posted a picture on Reddit of this glitter over black...WOW. I definitely have to try that next.

Colors Used:
Sally Hansen Insta Dri Lightening
Sally Hansen Insta Dri Speedy Sunburst
Hard Candy Black Tie Affair

My only complaint: It's gritty. I have this problem with almost all glitters, so I can't be taken seriously here. Also, there are these weird little plasticky bits that stick up around the bar glitter (look at my index finger in the first picture to see what I mean). I think that is an inherent problem with bar glitters, so I just have to accept it. When you use this stuff, a pair of cuticle nippers is a great thing to have on hand. You can just clip the rough, stuck-up bits right away. I also did that on the bits that extended beyond the tip of my nail. AND I added an extra layer on topcoat to my was still scratchy. As much as I love glitter, I am such a baby about it. 


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