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(not my) DIY Sea Salt Spray

I have thin hair. Even when I was younger, my hair was fine and stick straight. As I've gotten older, and been abused by necessary-but-annoying fake hormones, my hair has fallen out by the handful. (I'll maybe write about that at a later date) So anything that gives my sad locks texture and life is my best friend ever. 

I've tried a couple of commercially available sea spray/texture products. One was decent, but really strong smelling. (Apples are good, but holy cow. That's a lot of scent!) The other was better, but for some reason harder to find. And, since I'm a nut, I went to the internet for a DIY version. Most recipes are pretty much the same, so I decided to use this one, from Maskcara. It's pretty easy to make, and I had everything laying around the house. I omitted the perfume, but only because the hair gel I had was already scented.

Oh, and before you use it, make sure you put it in a spray bottle that ACTUALLY SPRAYS. Stupid Target spray bottle.

After finding an actual working spray bottle, I gave it a try. First take: it's not bad. You'll have to shake the hell out of it before you use it, because the conditioner will separate once the water cools down. I like that my hands don't feel sticky after I touch my hair. The commerical stuff I used previously was glorified spray gel. My hair isn't gel-crispy, but it is beach-crispy. I'm pretty sure thats the sea salt. I sprayed it in while my hair was slightly damp, but I think it might work better with wetter hair. Not dripping, but more than damp.

Cost Breakdown:
Sea Salt: about $3.35
Suave Kids Hair Gel: $4.29
Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy Conditioner: $4.98 (mine was free. Hooray coupons!)
Distilled Water, 1 gallon: about $1

total: $13.59 (for way more than you'll ever seriously need)

These are all prices according to Amazon, so local stores might be cheaper. And if you used all of this, you could probably make over a gallon of Sea Salt Spray, with plenty of stuff left over.  I only made 8 ounces this time. Browsing on Amazon, the average price for an 8 ounce bottle of commerical stuff looks to be  around $13.00. So you could make around 128 ounces for the same price. Insanity. It'd be...over $200 for a gallon? That just seems insane to me.      


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