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MOAR Team Spirit!

So yeah, this is gonna be a regular thing now. My daughter has games every Saturday, plus a few during the week, all through April and May. Gotta support the team!

Colors Used:
Revlon Dreamer
Hard Candy Sugar Rush

Before you ask, I did not attempt that evil heart tutorial from the Beauty Department. (witches. They have to be.) I got a heart punch from Amazon, and used that. SO MUCH SIMPLER. 100% less cursing involved in these hearts. It's just a little tricky using a punch on tape. I suggest applying your tape to a piece of plastic, like a shopping bag, and then punching it. Unless you enjoy cursing? 


  1. Nice! If you save the backing paper stickers & mailing labels come on, you can stick your tape to that, then punch out whatever suits your fancy, easily peel it off & go from there. The paper stiffens up the tape & makes punching easier, plus you don't get tape stuck in your punch.

    1. Thats not a bad idea either. I don't get near enough mail to have that stuff laying around though :(


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