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I Wish I was Joking...

Of all the days to have this happen.  On top of the pain and fury, I'm worried people won't believe it.  Around 5am, this happened.

All I did was reach for the seat belt in the security vehicle.  I usually reach across myself to prevent EXACTLY THIS from happening, so I'm kinda pissed at myself.  The nail was hanging on by a chunk that was still attached to the flesh. I had to clip it really awkwardly.  It was beyond the help of a teabag patch, especially with broken skin under it.  So now I have this...

...under a bandaid, of course.  The skin's open in one spot.  At least I didn't have polish to remove.

I was gonna do something really silly for today, but  I went shopping, now I'm gonna have some protein popsicles and go to sleep. Stupid day. :\

I'm NOT going to file them all down completely, but they will be noticeably shorter for the post after next.  Bleh.


  1. NOOOOO That's the worst! So sorry!

  2. Oww!! I can feel that! So sorry, it's so frustrating when this happens. You don't fancy nubs then?

  3. Ow! I know how bad that hurts, physically and psychologically as a blogger... Such a bummer. I hope it grows out fast! <3


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