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Nail Polish is Good for More Than Just Nails

I have some pretty awesome neighbors. Every holiday, they always have some little treat for my brats. For Easter, they outdid themselves by getting two HUGE baskets full of toys. Quite a few of the toys didn't survive the first day. (I really should volunteer these kids to be QC testers. If they can't break it, it must be invincible.) 
One of the things they were the most broken-up about was the crown. They love crowns. After glueing the jewels in two or three times, I finally gave up. As I was about to throw it out, I spied a nail polish pendant I made...and an idea was born. Why couldn't I just paint the jewels in? Gods know that I have enough polish to paint a small castle. So I did. And I must say, it turned out pretty decent...and kid-proof!

Colors Used:
Sally Hansen Insta Dri Speedy Sunburst
Sinful Colors Let's Talk
Random Color Club glitters I picked up at Ross

the crown, minus the plastic jewels.
That pink spot is my cameras reflection. Yes, my camera is pink.

This is the asshole who kept shaking the lightbox while I tried to take pictures.
She also put a bunch of holes in the paper.

Paint the jewels in. I recommend against using the SC for this.
Not nearly opaque enough.

Add glitter. It's the most important part.


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