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My Picks From Sinful Colors Buff To Bright

Buff To Bright is another of those Sinful Colors displays that mixes existing, new, and older shades.  I only bought one shade from this display, so some of these swatches are reruns.  The major upside to this display is that it brings Endless Blue to Rite Aid!  If you've been looking for this terrific new shade without any luck, you have one more place to try...if you hurry!  If you miss it in this display, don't despair though.  It's core at both Walgreens and Target.  Buff To Bright has an interesting range of pastels and brights...and one nude!  I love that they're dipping a toe into that trend and I hope they come out with more of them.  I passed on exactly the colors you'd expect me to skip.  I really hovered over Pistache for a while.  It's an interesting green that manages to be both pastel and bright, but I know it would probably look ghastly on me and I had enough of that last month to last me quite a while!  There's a comparison near the bottom of the page if you wanna check it out.  Buff To Bright is available at Rite Aid and Walgreens.

Nude is a warm medium sandy brown cream.

Nude is far too dark to look nude on surprise there!  On me it looks like more of an ocher or terracotta.  I can see it being a good base for other colors, but I'm not sure that it works on its own for me.  I've seen other reviews calling it a one-coater, but it was two for me.

There are three other shades in this collection that I've reviewed previously.  These photos are "reruns".  These three shades are core at various stores.

Endless Blue is a glowingly bright cobalt blue cream.

I really seem to love the word "glowingly" for this one!  I used the same word in my original review.  Gave me a chuckle just now...but the word is *so* right!  One coat $2 dupe for Nails Inc Baker Street!  Hooray!!

GoGo Girl is a bright 'lipstick red' crelly.

Pure gorgeousness in the sunlight!  One of my favorite reds, even though it needs three coats.  I felt so glamorous wearing it!

Unicorn is a pastel yellow cream.

I was nice about it last time, but...I'll be blunt this time.  Unicorn looks like butt on me!  The formula's a hassle too, but it is a very cute yellow for those of you who can wear colors like this.  I've seen it look great on a few people, so I'm hesitant to malign it too much.

In her review of Nude and Genteel, G. of Nouveau Cheap suggested that Nude might be similar to one of the Revlon Naked Tips shades.  It's not a dupe, but Sandy Nude isn't *that* far off.

Revlon Sandy Nude on ring finger, Sinful Colors Nude on others

So the bottom line on Buff To Bright?  This collection is a great way to experiment with color since it has such a broad range.  I love that about Sinful Colors, that sense of play and experimentation with daring shades...and the price makes it so easy to try them out!  You kinda need Endless Blue and GoGo Girl if you don't have them already.  Get 'em...really!  Both are absolutely amazing colors and have good formulas.  Nude is ok, but I'd recommend it for warm medium skin tones more than for anyone else.  It might not work on cool tones at all.  If you're pale or dark, but warm, it may still flatter even though it won't be a true nude for you.'s adorable, but get it at your own risk.  And use quick dry top coat between coats.  And be prepared for it to bring out red or purple tones in your complexion.  If you can pull it off...yay you!  Just know that most people can't.

Bit of a range of nail lengths here, huh?  Well...this is the week for it, apparently.  Last Monday, life pranked me HARD.  Then on Sunday, this turned into this.  While buffing after filing, I slipped and this damned catastrophe happened.  I patched it right away, but my nails will have to stay short for weeks now.  One more mid-length post next time and then stub city.  *sigh*  Some great new polishes will grace these stubs though!


  1. I like 'Nude' but I'd call it a caramel for me rather than a nude - I'm pale too.

    I had Pistache in my hand in Boots today but like you I wasn't sure so came out without it!

    1. Caramel's a good word for it too. Reminded me of flower pots. :P

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Thanks :) I think I wore it for like 20 minutes. And yes, you need Endless Blue!

  4. Ugh, I dislike Unicorn too. It looks so pretty in the bottle and so awful on my nails. I've tried twice. But I did pick up Endless Blue and you are slowly convincing me to get GoGo Girl. I have like, three other polishes in that color but I'm a self proclaimed SC collector so...

    1. Same here! I think I have like 85 of them now. :D


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