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My Picks From China Glaze Glitz: Bitz n Pieces

China Glaze put out Glitz Bitz N Pieces in January.  I'm even later on this one than I was on their Cirque du Soleil collection!  Other people's swatches of this collection just didn't catch me, until I saw this tweet from Kari of Once Bitten Blog.  Mattifying completely changes them, and I love that look!  I wound up buying four of the six shades.  I might go back for the other two when they go on clearance at Sally Beauty Supply.  All four that I bought apply the same, and all shades in this collection have a mix of colored hexagonal and black glitter in varying sizes and black bar glitter.  They go on very thick and can be uneven if you don't shake or roll the bottle before use.  I wound up dabbing them on with the brush, but mostly because I wanted to keep the bars from going in the same direction.

Glitz 'N Pieces has silver glitter mixed in with the black.

Glitz 'N Pieces over Loft-y Ambitions

These glitters are all really complex, but my original issue with them in every photo I'd seen before Kari's is that when they're glossy they just come off as busy.  The shine sorta overtakes the variety of the glitter and it just looks cluttered.  Mattifying them changes everything!

Glitz 'N Pieces over Loft-y Ambitions

Taking the shine off reveals just how much is going on here.  I shrugged at them glossy, but I think they're outstanding mattified.  I don't even mind the bar glitter!  What is wrong with me???

Mosaic Madness has bold blue glitter.

Mosaic Madness over Man Hunt

The really great thing about Glitz Bits n Pieces is that there's a variety of colors too.  Because there are six contrast colors in this collection, it gives you a lot of options.  For Glitz 'N Pieces I used a base color with a strong contrast.  I went the other way with Mosaic Madness, using a base similar to the blue glitter.  It keeps the glossy look from being as chaotic...and the mattified effect is even cooler!

Mosaic Madness over Man Hunt

I really love the way this combo turned out mattified!  It helps that Man Hunt is one of my favorite polishes.  Mattified you can also more easily see that I caught one of the really big black glitters this time.  They're kinda elusive!

Graffiti Glitter has a pop of blue-toned green glitter.

Graffiti Glitter over Exotic Encounters

For some reason, Graffiti Glitter went on SUPER thick.  Looks this.  The magic of matte top coat came to the rescue again!

Graffiti Glitter over Exotic Encounters

This is the strongest testament there could be that the glitters in this collection should be mattified.  I really can't say it any better than these two photos already did.

Razzle Me Dazzle Me's accent color is a soft rose gold.

Razzle Me Dazzle Me over Foie Gras

Two things on this one...the name needs some punctuation.  A comma?  The rose-gold glitter is also kinda tough to pair up with a base color.  Over something too contrasting, it just looks silver.  I tried it over a LOT of colors, but Foie Gras was the only one that really worked.  As with all of the others, I only really like it mattified.

Razzle Me Dazzle Me over Foie Gras

Not only did I like the mattified result *way* also had little derpy eyes on the ring finger!  See 'em?  Even my partner had a laugh over it.  I also got two of those massive black hexagons this time!  Ooh!

So the verdict?  I feel like this collection didn't get the attention it deserves.  I'm so glad I got these!  I think they have a ton of potential and I really love how they look mattified!  They're incredibly thick with glitter, but that's good.  It can settle a bit, but nothing rolling won't fix.  The BIG black hexagons are shy, but they're really cool when you actually get them out of the bottle.  I'm not sure there are even that many in there.  If you see these at Sally Beauty during their Buy 2 Get 1 Free polish sale this month, I'd say go for it!  If you don't live near a Sally Beauty, they should also have them at Ulta and they're widely available online.

My updates might be a little slower for the next few weeks because I'm dealing with an epic teabag patch right now.  It kinda throws my swatching off to have to keep maintaining it.  Better than not having much nail left on that finger and having to stop entirely for a few weeks though...


  1. I'm not normally a matte girl but all of these look superb once you threw the matte topcoat on!

    Love them. Great swatches, thanks!

  2. I hated this whole collection, but now I've seen them mattified...well! Maybe it was that I don't like bar glitter, but anyway, at least I no longer hold such a grudge against them now! Who knows, maybe I'll end up buying one of them now haha!

    1. I usually hate bar glitter. Out of over 900 polishes, I only have these four and one other (Sinful Colors Faceted) with it.

      You should get one! They'd be cool accent nail toppers.


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