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My Attempt at the "No Makeup" Makeup Look

It's no secret that I love makeup. It is fun and pretty, and comes in pretty little containers that make me smile just to see them. What most people (who don't actually know me in reality) know is that I rarely wear makeup. I'm trying to change that, because I really do look better with just a little bit of something on my face. Getting older is so awesome. 

So this is me, fresh from the shower with dried-but-not-styled hair.

Seen Here:
Nars Softtouch Shadow Pencil in Hollywoodland
Flawless Definition Volumizing mascara from BareMinerals
Too Faced Shadow Insurance
NYX blush in Taupe
BareMinerals eyeshadow in Satin Ruffle
BareMinerals Original Foundation in Fair
BareMinerals concealer in Bisque
Smashbox Photo Finish Color Correcting Primer in green
Covergirl LipPerfertion Jumbo Gloss Balm in Berry Twist #230

What I look like with all that stuff on my face:

I can fix my hair...sorta. Also, it's green.

I didn't fill my brows at all, because they are pretty dark on their own. But if I am wearing ALL THE MAKEUP, I will fill them in a little bit. It just makes everything look more pulled together.

I used Satin Ruffle all over my eyes. It is pretty sheer, and just has the faintest hint of shimmer. But not so much that it accentuates the crepey skin around my eyes. Then I used a fluffy shadow brush to add a little Taupe blush into the socket of my eye and under the outer third of my lower lash line for a little extra definition. I applied the Hollywoodland at the inner corners, because I feel like that makes me look a bit more awake and refreshed. It's a really great soft champagney gold color that is pretty flattering for most skintones I think. Then I sorta-curled my lashes and applied one coat of mascara to the top and bottom lashes. For my lips, I just used one swipe of the Covergirl stuff. Generally, I'm a hater of Covergirl, but I really like these balm sticks. They last a suprisingly long time.

decent view of the shading on my eyes. I think it looks pretty natural.

Hollywoodland. I really love this stuff.


  1. Getting older is a real riot alright but quit worrying, you look good. That particular look is very natural which I can appreciate since I never wear makeup myself.

    1. Thanks! I rarely wear it myself, as I hardly ever go anywhere that doesn't involve the wee folk. It's fun to prove to myself that I can still do it though.


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