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Messy Taping and a Matte Coat

I have been on the search for a good coral polish. I thought I had found it here...but on the nail, this stuff is ORANGE. Like "Wow, your fingernails are very orange." orange. I tried to work with the orange by adding some gold, but my tape was noncompliant. (it's been learning from the kids.)

Colors Used: 
Essence Off to Miami
Sally Hansen Gilty Pleasure
Butter London Matte Top Coat

this color makes me look unreasonably tan. I assure you, I am not. 

The Essence polish was very disappointing this time around. I used it before with great results. But this The brush was really wide, and the polish climbed everywhere. I had to use 3 heavy coats to get to a place where there was no streaking. Adding a coat of SV really helped this stuff out, without it I might never have left it on. 
Then I decided to add tape...and of course my tape refused to stick. So I ended up with this very "rustic" triangle shape. In a fit of desperation, I added a matte top coat. Finally! This color really loves the matte. I dunno what it is, but it's just better this way. I might actually wear it again now. But I'll definitely use a different tape.


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