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NYC Fashion Safari and a Pale Nude Showdown

Today accidentally became NYC day on here, didn't it?  I was gonna post this last week....then yesterday.  Allergy season is kicking my ass!  Last month Nichole did something weird.  She....swatched!  That might be rarer than nail art from me.  Her discovery of a decent pale nude from a bargain brand really caught my attention, so I had to see for myself.  I also did the comparison she wanted...and then some!

Fashion Safari is a light nude cream with peachy undertones.

Two coats!  Not bad at all.  This is a way better nude that I'd ever have thought a bargain brand would make...but it has its drawbacks.  Its undertones are very peachy.  It also didn't wear wonderfully on me.  I rarely get chips or lifting lately, but after 24 hours I had lifting on two nails.  It would have chipped if I hadn't reapplied top coat.  Still, for $2 or less...amazing!!  I will be using this as a base often, I'm sure!

I've worn so many nudes recently that I had to see how they stack up.

I- Revlon Trade Winds * M- OPI Don't Pretzel My Buttons
R- NYC Fashion Safari * P- Revlon Sandy Nude

Nichole suggested Don't Pretzel My Buttons, but once I had them both on, I wanted to see how they compared to two of my favorites.  As you can see, Don't Pretzel and Trade Winds are close, but Trade Winds is sheerer.  Fashion Safari and Sandy Nude are close too, but Fashion Safari is pinker.  Trade Winds is the winner for me, but its cool undertones might be wrong for others.

I'm gonna try to post more than once this week!  I'm also swatching like a woman possessed.


  1. It must be either you or your basecoat because I had the NYC color on for days and days with no chipping at all. In fact, I've never had NYC fast dry stuff chip for me at all.

    1. Their Grand Central Station cracks on me after a couple of days if I use it as a top coat. I think there's something about me that does it.


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