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My Picks from Revlon Naked Tips & Neon Lips

Revlon's Naked Tips & Neon Lips display started showing up at CVS, Walgreens, and regional stores back in January and has just started showing up at Rite Aid too.  There it's in a combo display with the new Chroma Chameleon polishes.  I've had such a bad history with nude polish that it took me two months to decide to try these LE Colorstay shades.  The variety in this collection is pretty good.  None of the shades are very dark, unfortunately, but they range from bisque to smokey taupe and both warm and cool tones are represented.  I never thought I'd be able to write these words, but...I have found *my* nude polish shade!  I'd been trying various shades since last summer, with generally really dismal and disappointing results.  On the almost ok end, OPI Don't Pretzel My Buttons (at bottom of post) was "off".  At the worst, I wanted to scream.  Don't click this.  Really.  It's horrific and I was angry.  I've wholeheartedly forgiven L'Oreal since, but it took a LOT.  That was one of few polishes I've ever returned.  After those and others, I was hesitant.  I'm glad I didn't wait too long.  I'm beyond happy with one of the shades in this post...I'm jubilant!

Sandy Nude is a light peachy beige cream.

There it is!!  Look at that!  It's not a perfect match for my skin, but it's so flattering!  Figures it's LE, doesn't it?  The application is ok.  It takes three coats for full opacity and is a bit on the watery side..but I don't care!  I bought a second bottle and might track down a third.  My fingertips are very red because of circulation issues (possibly Raynaud's syndrome), but this is peachy and warm enough to keep my hands from looking like death.  I'd given up "forever" on finding a flattering nude (several times!), but the crackdown on my rule-breaking polish at work kept tempting me to try again.  I really never thought I'd find something this good!  When I showed my partner, he looked for a moment before deciding "It's kinda orange...but you're kinda orange too."

Nude Beige is a honey beige cream.

I love this too!  It's more "obvious" on me than Sandy Nude, but just as flattering.  The formula was better, only needing two coats.

Mocha is a taupe cream with a hint of warmth to it.

Various taupe shades have been my go-to for work, so this was the "safe" choice when I bought these four.  I wasn't disappointed!  Mocha applies just as well as Nude Beige, also needing two coats.

Natural tan is a golden brown cream.

I'd like this more on someone else.  It's not bad on me, but feels a bit...mature.  On someone with a darker complexion, it would be gorgeous though!  The formula was thicker than the other shades, so I'll be thinning it before I use it again.  I had some trouble with the application, including bubbling and poor drying time, but I think this may just be my bottle.  Thinning should fix it, I hope!

So now I have four more work-appropriate polishes.  Awesome!  At some point I may post about the many others I've tried along the way, along with tips to help you find good nude and neutral shades for yourself.  If you're looking for options, this collection is a great place to start!  I'd say that there's something for almost any skin tone, as long as you're not counting on an exact match.

If you saw Monday's little disaster, you know I'll have considerably shorter nails for my next post. *sigh*  The swatching must go on, and this new length is still more than I had for the first few months of this blog.


  1. that Mocha looks like a dead ringer for Rimmel Steel Grey. But the nude looks good on you!

    1. It does! Maybe just a smidge warmer, but yeah! I'm a sucker for taupe and it drives the houseboy NUTS. He's always bitching about how gross taupe is. And thanks! I'm stupidly happy to have FINALLY found one that works!

  2. All of these are beautiful!! Very close is color the 3 nudes are but they really are so pretty(: I'm so glad you found your nude color!


    1. Thank you! They're in the same warm range, but they're distinct enough from one another that I don't feel bad owning all three. They're less similar in the bottles than on me too. I pull them all a bit warmer, because of my yellow undertones.


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