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Bah, Humbunny!

If you saw my review of Sinful Colors Sugar Rush collection, you know how I feel about pastels.  It's partly because I look...not so them, and partly because...well...eww....pastels!  Grumpybunny shares my sentiments!

Easter's never been near the top of my list of holidays, and the color scheme doesn't help!  I...went another way.  If Easter had a "bah, humbug" of its own, I'd be all over it!  I can't even enjoy cheap candy tomorrow because I'm watching what I eat again.

I used Zoya Shawn, FingerPaints Paper Mache and Black Expressionism, OPI Fly, Revlon Sandy Nude, Ulta Sun-Sational, and L.A. Colors Reckless to make this curmudgeonly little guy and my anti-easter egg nails.

All grumping aside; if you celebrate Easter, I hope it's a good one!


  1. This is the cutest thing you've ever done. I'm appalled.

    1. :P You had a bellybutton on one of your nails once...

    2. I did. I'm also more-than-a-little nutty. Not the best argument here.

  2. He's the most adorable little grumpy bunny I've ever seen!


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