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Wet'n'Wild Cream Liner

So...I may or may not have had a mini shopping spree at CVS this last week. I admit nothing.

I did pick up a cream liner the other day...not at CVS. Absolutely not. No. I was never there, and you can't prove I was. Ok, I was at CVS. But Wet'n'Wild was buy one/get one 1/2 off! Anyway, I had never really tried cream liner, so I decided to take one home and try it out. (there will probably be pics of that later)

Please enjoy my half-assed review, in pictures.

the package, opened.

tiny brush.
 It seems a little wide for liner, but if you want a thick line it would work

I accidentally took the pot out of the...pot. 

the hockey puck of beauty

Untouched. I love a fresh product!

tested on my hand.
It's really black, but that line is thick!

after an hour and a hand washing.
Not bad at all.

I still need to try and apply this to my actual face, but so far I'm pretty pleased. Hopefully, this will be good to help me learn to actually apply liner with a brush. We'll see. If not, then you can all look forward to some hilarious pictures of me looking like a sad raccoon.


  1. This cream liner comes in a subtle purple too. It goes on smooth, and is really pretty. The brushes *are* a tiny bit thick, but if you're not used to applying eyeliner with a brush, I think it makes it a bit easier.

    My CVS had the cream liner on clearance, and I miiiiight have gone a bit crazy and bought all of them. At 50 cents each, I couldn't afford not to.

    1. I must find the purple. I've actually decided, since posting this, that I love and adore this cream liner...just not the brush. I'm not very good with brushes this shape.


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