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Revlon Superstitious and Celestial FX

When Revlon introduced new Nail Enamel shades with the Bubblegum Days/Urban Nights display, they also introduced new Top Speed shades in a selection called Spellbound.  These new shades are a variety of creams and two shaped glitters.  The hearts in Hearts Of Gold aren't my thing, but I eyed the other one so many times that I had to pick it up.  I can also never resist a blue cream.  [Seriously. I have 41 of them!]  Yes, this is the combo that everyone did,'s just so right!  Bonus cat is included at the bottom of the post, as an apology for being predictable.

Superstitious is a medium true blue cream.

Superstitious is unquestionably the best Revlon cream I've EVER tried!  Two coats and...a first for me with their bubbles!!  Hooray!  The color is terrific too, just blue...not bright or dark or anything else...just perfect blue.  Doesn't have the sulfur stink some blues do either.  Love it!

Celestial FX is a mix of glitter shapes in a clear base.  The large stars, moons, and diamonds are holographic silver and the tiny round glitter is a mix of blue, green, and orange iridescent.

This one is trouble!  It's got a cool look if you're patient.  I can't even tell you how many coats this is, it took that much dabbing.  The base is watery and excessive.  I'm surprised it holds the large glitters in suspension.  It barely pulls them out of the bottle.  Somehow when it does, you get 3 of them at the same time...usually all the same shape.  When you're done fishing, it takes a thick slathering of top coat to smooth out.  It's also a hassle to photograph.

In person, you see rainbows all over the big shape glitter...but they're camera-shy.

There they are!  ...but now the tiny glitter is almost clear.  So let's go somewhere a little darker, maybe...

Hey!  There they are...but now the rainbows are gone again.  Plus now you can see the ones that just would not leave my skin.  For all of its many hassles, I have to admit....Celestial FX is pretty fucking cool!  It picks up every little bit of light it can, so it would be great for nighttime events.  If you like it, make a mental bookmark.  It will be perfect for New Years Eve...if any of us remember it by then in the flood of new shades at the end of the year.

I'd recommend both, but remember that Celestial FX is trouble.  Fun trouble though!

Here's that cat I promised.  No makeup or polish on him.  He doesn't need it.  Saya's pretty without even trying, that lucky boy!

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