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Orly High On Hope

Doing my best to resist the new Spring collections as much as I can...but...Orly High On Hope was another I just had to have.  I bought it in the same Sally Beauty trip as FingerPaints Itsy Bitsy Spider, but Orly is more widely available.  I think I saw the Hope and Freedom collection at Ulta already, but I'm not completely sure.

High On Hope has fuchsia/copper duochrome microfleck shimmer in a dusty dark blue base.

Hell of a combination, isn't it?  I love the contrast between the dark base and the shimmer.  I don't have anything else quite like this.  The formula was ok.  It's thick, but not unmanageable.  This is two coats.  I had a little bit of dragging in one spot, but I don't think it's that noticeable.  I didn't even see it until I started taking photos.

The shimmer is wonderful, and the duochrome isn't in-your-face, but it's there.  Both the fuchsia and the copper stand out beautifully against the blue.

I'm getting a bit predictable here, but I had to mattify this too.  Polishes like this just cry out for it!

Everything that's already great about High On Hope just gets better when it's mattified.  The microflecks stand out even more and the duochrome becomes much more apparent.  I didn't get to wear this for very long before I had to replace it with something I could wear to work.  I was really sad to see it go so soon!

The look of High On Hope more than makes up for the little issues with the formula.  It's got so much personality!

I had a really successful couple of polish hunting trips recently, so I have even more new stuff to show you soon than I already had in my swatching basket!  I'd better get back to it now!  See you again tomorrow, I think...with...something holographic... *wink wink*


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