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FingerPaints Itsy Bitsy Spider

I've been trying to avoid too many shopping trips and pass on as many Spring collections as possible, but I couldn't resist the buzz about Finger Paints Itsy Bitsy Spider from the Wild About Spring collection.  I wanted to check out Owlin' At The Moon (a light green shard glitter) too, but they had sold out of it at the Sally Beauty I went to.

Itsy Bitsy Spider has a dusty lavender base packed with blue-to-fuchsia duochrome microfleck shimmer.

The fuchsia shift is more obvious than my photos show, but this comes close.  The formula wasn't the best I've seen from FingerPaints.  It was thicker than I like and took three coats for *complete* opacity.  The dry time was also bad.  I ruined my ring finger twice!  It's only got two coats on that nail in these photos, and you can sorta see a few bare-ish patches.  The third coat was really essential, for me.  At some angles the fuchsia shift takes over and changes the whole look of the polish.

At extreme angles, you can almost get a hint of gold to the shimmer.  It's one that you wind up tilting your fingers around to get every possible view of the shift.  Other people do that too, right?  Don't you?

When I see this finish and duochrome in the same place, I just feel an overwhelming urge to mattify.  This is why...

It's good on its own, but mattifying it is such an improvement!  All of the elements of this shade really come out then.  You see the base color more, but the shift is also more clearly defined and the flecks stand out even more.

Itsy Bitsy Spider is a good Spring polish for people who don't like Spring polishes.  Lovely, delicate, and soft without actually being pastel.  Yay!

So do you need it?  Well...that depends.  I'd recommend Itsy Bitsy Spider, but not strongly.  You could get this look with cream similar to the base and a shimmer top coat.  That would probably be three coats too and take just as long to dry.  But the price is good and the formula isn't too call really.  I do like it, especially mattified!

I've only reviewed three polishes this week!  I feel like such a bum.  Better luck next week, I hope!  My swatching totes are still pretty full...


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