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My Picks from Sinful Colors Almost Famous/Paparazzi

Sinful Colors is spoiling Walgreens shoppers lately, and Walgreens is having some very well-timed sales.  This week Sinful Colors are 4 for $5 and 1000 Balance Rewards points!  If you missed the $1 off coupon two weeks ago, your chance for a great deal has come again!

Unlike the last few Sinful Colors collections I've posted about, this new one is available at both Walgreens and Rite Aid.  Like Enchanted/Muse, it's got two different names.  Almost Famous at Walgreens and Paparazzi at Rite Aid.  A little confusing, but at least it means it's more broadly available.  The collection is all glitters.  I passed on half of the eight shades.  They're along the same lines as the China Glaze Prismatics and Wet n Wild's Be Jeweled and new Toppings.  They have multicolored pastel-ish hexagonal glitter and various colors of microglitter instead of duochrome shimmer, but it's a similar look.  I only got the more basic glitters.

Be warned, my camera had a hissyfit over these.  My fingers are very yellow in some, because the camera refused to show me *and* the polish anything like true-to-color at the same time...and the polish is far more important!

Lush Life has a clear base full of both medium hexagonal a tiny round teal glitter.

over Calypso

The teal color is great and it applied well.  A little dabbing to get the hexagonal glitter where I wanted it, but it was even enough that I probably didn't have to.

Poparazi is packed with small bright fuchsia glitter in a clear base.

over Amethyst

Sequins!  Two coats aren't *quite* opaque, so I wouldn't recommend wearing Poparazzi on its own.  In hindsight, you can see the base color just enough that I wish I'd used something closer to color of the glitter.  It's so vibrant and shiny!  It figures that the light that showed the sparkle best also completely blew my camera's feeble little electronic mind.  The photo above is really close, the photo below, not so much!

color is NOT accurate - just showing the *dazzle*

I could see Poparazzi making a terrific accent nail!  You could probably wear it on its own, but my guess is that it would take maybe 4 coats.

Star Dust has small fuchsia hexagonal glitter accented by tiny purple glitter and a hint of purple shimmer in a clear base.

over Enchanted

This one was a bear to photograph!  Star Dust is really awesome in person, but looks so odd in photos.  This is two coats over Enchanted.  You could probably wear it on its own, but like Poparazzi it would most likely take around 4 coats.  It's been compared to Wet n Wild Back Alley Deals, though I can't verify that myself.  It does look similar to photos I've seen.  I'm thrilled because I missed out on that one.

After Party is a mix of tiny round and small hexagonal blue glitter with a scattering of large silver hexagons in a clear base.

over Endless Blue

Bad news first on this one.  The silver glitters curl.  It doesn't ruin the polish entirely, since they're sparse, but for me it's a pretty big strike against it.  Beyond that, this is two coats of After Party over Endless Blue.  It took more dabbing and placing than Lush Life did.  The curling is most visible on my ring finger, where two of the large silver glitters are right near each other.

After Party broke my camera's brain too....but in a weird way.  The photo below shows the sparkle payoff really well, but it also shows Endless Blue and my fingers accurately at the same time!  ...if only the glitter had shown up well too.

I like Lush Life best when it's mattified.  It helps hide the curling.

Of these four, my favorite is Poparazzi.  I love the sequin finish it has, and the fuchsia is terrific too.  I really like Lush Life and Star Dust too.  Star Dust killed my lemming for Wet n Wild Back Alley Deals.  I wanted to like After Party more than I did.  Curling glitters are a damn shame, in any polish.

Yet more Sinful Colors coming up in my next post.  One horrifying word.  Pastels.  Another.  Pink.


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