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A New Blog I Instantly Loved

Another of my favorite MakeupAlley Nail Board people has started blogging!  Fellrunner is sweet, helpful, and funny...and her nails are OUTSTANDING!  Last month, she started blogging as UKNailRunner. I feel really dumb for not putting two and two together when someone started commenting on here with that name, but I checked out the blog one day and there's no mistaking these nails!

Illamasqua Pink Raindrops * Photo belongs to UKNailRunner

Alison has the rare ability to make me like the look of almost anything she wears.  Pretty much everything is gorgeous on those nails!  She alternates between almonds and other shapes, but they're always so perfect.

M&S Ultraviolet * Photo belongs to UKNailRunner

I was really happy to see her return to almonds though, since I know she loves that shape...and the Nail Board loves it too!  It looks great on her and really makes her photos stand out.  Plus she shapes them so perfectly!

Hare Polish Heat Plague * Photo belongs to UKNailRunner

Gorgeous nails, terrific application skills, and an enviable collection of polishes...I love that the glee I feel when I see her posts on the Nail Board can now be spread to the wider polish-verse!

OPI Lincoln Park After Dark Suede with L'Oreal Confetti (mattified)
Photo belongs to UKNailRunner

See that right there?  One of my favorite manicures on anyone ever!  Gorgeous!!  Everything about it is just...perfect.  ...but then I love purple and matte finishes, and I'm slowly dying of jealousy over L'Oreal Confetti, so of course I adore this.  Know what I don't like?  Yellow...and pink...but then Alison works her magic and has me ooohing and aahing over this...

Elevation Polish Street Side NYC with Alta Costura Vernis Square
Photo belongs to 

When Royal Mail went bonkers earlier this year and decided to crack down on polish being shipped out of the UK, I thought of Alison first.  Nails this special should be able to swap polish worldwide!  I feel awful for all UK'ers affected by the crackdown, but especially for someone who I know has helped some really special British polishes "cross the pond".

NARS Zulu and Max Factor Fantasy Fire
Photo belongs to 

I need to wrap this up before I repost her whole blog! more...and then you should go have a look for yourself!

Nail Venturous Humble Bee over Rescue Beauty Lounge Mismas
Photo belongs to UKNailRunner

Alison, I'm so thrilled to see you blogging and I hope you keep going!


  1. Her nails are fabulous.

    1. They are! She's a really great girl too...and she owns lizards!

  2. She's awesome, I've recently started following her and am already a big fan!


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