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I Went Green...And Kept Going

As I was getting ready for this post, someone on the Makeupalley Nail Board asked what color people wished polish companies would do more often.  The resounding answer was green.  It's not just that a lot of us are wearing green for St. Patrick's Day, it's a color that really doesn't get much love from most companies.  I got called a freak in high school for wearing green polish, among many other things, and it still doesn't get as much love as most other colors seem to now.  Sinful Colors is known for more 'daring' and 'unusual' shades, so it's no surprise that I have more greens from them than from any other brand.   After going green yesterday, I decided to keep going!

San Francisco is a semi-sheer cool green shimmer.

You can build San Francisco up to opacity on its own in 3-4 coats, but it's a notorious stainer.  I layered it over Envy just in case.  It's got enough oomph on its own that the base doesn't make a ton of difference.  It's amazing and completely worth the stain risk.  It's so full of shimmer that it has an almost metallic glow.  I'd worn it once before.  It was part of the accent nail for my horrible xmas failure.  I really do need to make a mental note to try that again this xmas.  San Francisco is in the core display at Walgreens.

Envy is a dark jade cream.

I'm in complete and total love with Envy!  Gorgeous!  It's an older shade, from the Lonestar collection from summer '11.  I stumbled upon it randomly last month at a Walgreens that's a complete mess and full of all kinds of hidden treasures.  If it looks familiar, it's a known dupe for OPI Jade Is The New Black.  This is just one coat.  ...and people wonder why I love Sinful Colors so much!

Happy Ending is a bright lime green with intense peachy-gold shimmer.

Love it!  Took a vaguely maddening FOUR coats,!!  Under my LED lamp it just comes alive with that almost clashy shimmer.  It's in the Walgreens core.

Call You Later is gold and green glitter in a few sizes in a clear base.

Call You Later is one of those glitters with almost too much potential.  I tried it over so many things before deciding to go with Happy Ending.  They play well together, but I feel like the gold glitter and gold shimmer meld a little too well.  Gorgeous, but it also makes me want to try Call You Later over other colors.  You might be seeing it here again soon.

The contrast comes out a bit more with a matte top coat.  Of everything I've worn recently, I think this combo has the best St. Patrick's Day feel to it.

Call You Later is yet another from the Walgreens core display.  I'm not sure about other stores.

Innocent is a vivid yellow-green cream.

I bought Innocent for this post, to keep up the green theme.  I didn't like the look of it in the bottle, but they were having their 99¢ coupon sale and I shrugged and bought it.  What a surprise!  I'll be giving 'ugly' greens a chance more often...but I doubt I'll find many others with a one-coat formula like Innocent.  It's core at Walgreens.

Mint Apple is a light mint green with a lot of delicate shimmer that looks silver in the bottle, but more complex on the nail.

I wore Mint Apple last November as the base for Faceted and it never wound up on the blog on its own.  I don't remember much about it other than the shock of actually liking it.  I bought it on a complete whim last summer and had one of those 'what WAS I thinking' moments when I got it home.  Greens always seem to find a way to surprise me!  Mint Apple is a core color at Walgreens and I *think* I've seen it at Target too.

I know a lot of people who don't wear green polish.  It's unnatural, but that's part of what makes it so eye-catching.  Bargain brands like Sinful Colors are a great way to expand your polish horizons without breaking your budget.  I've been pleasantly surprised by so many of their shades.

I've been almost one-tracking on Sinful Colors lately because of all of their new collections and displays, but there's more variety coming up in my next few posts.


  1. Happy Ending looks like it could be a dupe for Zoya Midori. You should send me Happy Ending so I can test know, for science.

    1. You should go to Walgreens and get yourself a bottle! :D If he asks, tell him I made you do it.

    2. They never have it! :( You, madam, are a bad influence.


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