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Sinful Colors Sugar Rush

Sinful Colors has flooded us with new collections this Spring, especially at Walgreens.  With Sugar Rush they've gone traditional, eight shades that would feel right at home in an easter basket.  Nichole isn't the only one feeling egg-y this week.  Unicorn is a core color, but the other seven are brand new! They're fun, cute, fresh, and bright...and it took a lot for me to buy them, let alone to make myself wear them.  I'm an autumn, so these mostly aren't my colors.  Some look...less than great on me.  Please look past the cadaverous shades of my skin in a few of these photos and focus on the pretty colors.  Several of these shades are dupe-ish for Butter London's spring collection, though I don't have them to compare for myself.

Sweet Nothing is a light-ish teal cream.

White-based creams are almost always problematic, so I was worried about how these would apply.  Sweet Nothing took only two coats and wasn't streaky, but I did have to watch for tiny bubbles.  They were fairly easy to smooth out.  Very wearable shade, even if it is a bit....familiar.

Sugar Rush is a powder blue cream.

As pastels go, Sugar Rush also applied well.  Two coats for this one too.

Candy Coated is a pale cool purple cream, almost lavender, with a touch of shimmer.

The formulas for these shades vary a bit and Candy Coated needed three coats to even out.  I call the 'shimmers' in this collection "creams" because the shimmer is virtually invisible most of the time.

Sweet Tooth is a light warm-toned purple cream (just a touch too pink to be lilac) with a very subtle shimmer.

None of these formulas were terrible, but Sweet Tooth was one of the most problematic for me.  It took three coats and I had issues with bubbling.

Cotton Candy is a lightly shimmery pink cream with a hint of coral.

It's been six months since the last time I wore pink, so I figured it might be time again.  This is three coats of Cotton Candy.  I didn't have any bubbling with this.

Sugar N Spice is a bright pink cream with a little shimmer.

Nichole cheered when she saw a pic of me wearing this, but wow did it make me miserable!  It's a great pink, but wearing Sugar N Spice cleared up any confusion I may have had about pink after Truth Or Dare.  The formula's good, two coats and no problems.

Orange Cream is a cream, again with a bit of shimmer.

At two coats and with very little streaking and no bubbling, Orange Cream has one of the better formulas in this collection.

Unicorn is a pastel yellow cream.

Three coats for this one, and it tries very hard to be streaky.  Not a very workable formula, but yellows and white-based polishes are both notoriously troublesome, so it's expected.  This is a very hard shade to pull of and I can't.

Well...I did it!  I wore pastels!  I survived!  My personal favorite of these should be obvious to anyone who knows me.  Sweet Nothing, despite the little bubble problem, is a great color!  If you're a pink lover, Sugar N Spice is vibrant and applies nicely.  The only shades I'd warn against, and only slightly, are Unicorn and Sweet Tooth.  The both take three coats and have further application issues.  Nothing you can't get around with effort, but it will take effort.

Believe it or not, there are still more Sinful Colors shades in my swatching basket.  They've really outdone themselves!


  1. if you dont like that pink, send it to me! I cannot find ANY of the new SC stuff around here. :(

  2. Seriously Amanda, the pinks look SO good on you, whether you wanna hear it or not! Thanks for the swatches, these are great!

    1. Thanks :) I'll admit that Sugar N Spice is flattering on me, but I cringed the whole time I wore it. lol It's not a physical clash, but a personality one...with very deep roots.

      Might even be the subject of a whole post one day.


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