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All I Want is Some Polish

a wee bit of a rant today.

Hard Candy recently revamped their cosmetics line. I was intrigued, because I kinda liked what they were doing anyway. The swatches I have seen were lovely. I definitely need a few. So I go to the only Walmart nearby, about 20 miles away. Nothing. Zilch. Nada. Well, except for acres of empty racks that should have been holding shiny bottles of polish. Ooookay, maybe we're a little slow here? No biggie, I'll come back in a couple of weeks. Surely, they will have stocked the shelves by then? Fast forward to Wednesday night...

See this? Fuck and All. 
Still nothing! What the crazy, firebreathing hell? All I want is a couple of the bottles...and to look at the shiny new things. Come on, Walmart. Help me help you!

I guess I shouldn't feel hated. Anyone who wants to buy any of their new make-up is shit-out-of-luck too. Which is a bummer, because I am intrigued by the new shadow pallettes.

update: I "tweeted" about my sadness and need for these polishes, and someone from walmart replied back with a form to request a product. But I shouldn't have to do this. The display is UP! It should be stocked!


  1. The exact same thing has been going on at my Walmart! I've been going there like three times a week to check and the display is still empty.

    1. it's terrible, because now I'm curious about the eyeshadows!


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