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The Tale of the Epic Fail

Once apon a time, I loved sheer colors. I have always kept my nails painted (except when knocked up, because ain't nobody got time for that.) But I wasn't very religious about removing it when it started to chip. Enter sheers! They chip, but who can tell? Brilliant! But in the last year, I have worn a LOT of colors. My nails are stained. And no amount of bleach/peroxide/baking soda/magic will remove it. Oh well.

A while back, I grabbed a yellow-blocking basecoat from Sallys. It works fairly well, as it has a decided blue tint. But it's not quite enough, and in daylight I look like I have very poor circulation. But I figured I'd give a french, with the yellow-blocking, a try. My nails were at a ridiculous length and I decided it was time for something normal-ish.

Do Not Want. Ever Again.

Colors Used
Wet'n'Wild French Tip
Yellow Blocking UV basecoat something-something 
OPI My Pointe Exactly
OPI Pirouette My Whistle


  1. fwiw, I've found PMW seems to show up staining on my nails really badly - probably something to do with the contrast between yellow and grey. So this mani is probably a tough test :)

    1. Honestly, this was my first time using it practically alone. I need to just accept that I *must* use full colors. ;)


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