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Holiday Splendor at Bargain Basement Prices

 I have been having a shitty, shitty month. TL;DR is that February would not be a good month for me to buy a lotto ticket...I'd probably end up owing money. In an effort to console myself, I took a trip to Ulta. On a Sunday. At 6pm. Guess what time they close? F@#$^&$^&*%#$%&^*^*(! Instead, I went to Ross. It's right next door and I had a few minutes to kill waiting for the husband to finish up at Target. (yes, they are all in the same shopping center) I made a bee-line for the cosmetics, hoping for an epic OPI score like so many people seem to find at these discount shops. Usually, I have no luck. But in a stunning turn of events, I found something! A full-sized set of Color Club glitter polishes from the holidays! Hooray for me!(I also picked up two mini sets of five Kleancolor glitters. All for $17USD!)

 My first (and favorite) choice was Holiday Splendor. It is a great opaque tealy-green base packed with more glitter than most strip clubs. In these photos, I only used two coats. I finally found my soulmate! I also added a layer of holo bar glitter in between for extra sparkle. My only complaint is that it is a little gritty. But I complain about that regardless of the brand when it comes to glitter. This was beautiful enough that I didn't care!

Colors Used
Color Club Holiday Splendor
Mystery holo bar glitter by Kleancolor (I threw away the box with the names, sorry)

you can see the bars poking out here and there. 

obligatory blurred picture. SPARKLE!

super dense glitter awesomeness

you can see the bars better here
also, I'm an idiot. I painted my fingers AND toes with super glitter fantasticness...the day before I went in to get a ct scan. In paranoia that I would explode, I had to take it all off :(


  1. Oh my gosh! I'm sorry for the bad luck you have been having but that last comment about blowing up made me laugh out loud! Hope your weekend makes up for it!

    1. haha thanks! I was seriously worried about explosions! March is almost can only get better.


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