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Sonia Kashuk Hocus Pocus: A dupe for Casino Royale?

 A few weeks ago, I saw it mentioned that Sonia Kashuk polish was on clearance at someones local Target. I rushed out (what, I needed diapers and stuff too!) to mine to check...but no dice. At $5 a bottle, I didn't love any of the colors enough to bring any home. But I did spy one color, Hocus Pocus, that looked like a possible dupe for OPI Casino Royale, which I was kinda lusting after.
 Fast-forward a few weeks, and I was out doing some retail therapy. I wandered down the make-up aisles at Target and spotted a clearance sticker on the Sonia Kashuk cosmetics. Hooray! The purpley polish I had eyed was $2.58! A much better price for an untried brand. Even though I had already scored Casino Royale at Ulta with the last bits of my xmas giftcard, I snatched up this color. I've had a weird fascination with plum colors lately. I blame this post, that I have seen repeatedly on Pinterest. It doesn't look like that on me, btw. It is a much dustier color on me, you'll see.

On to the swatches and thoughts!

I do not like this polish. It's thin! It took me five coats to get completely opaque. And the streaking, oh god, the streaking. I almost didn't finish painting my nails, I was so annoyed. But the color is pretty, so I kept going. If I had paid $5 for this, I would have marched right back to Target and demanded (politely, it's not their fault it sucks) my money back. But for 50% off, I'll keep it. I might throw it in a swap box at some point in the future. 

The TL;DR of this is if you have Casino Royale, you probably shouldn't bother with this one. But if, like me, you had a hell of a time getting it, then maybe look into this color. Targets are a little more accesible than Ultas, generally.

Ever since I first laid eyes on Casino Royale, I wanted to see it matte. I have no idea why, I just did. This color did not disappoint either. It softened it a bit, and I love the look.

Butter London Matte Topcoat. <3

God, how I love these orange stickers!


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