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Pinspired: Good Idea but annoyingly iffy execution

Ok, we all know that I have a slight addiction to pinterest. I found another picture I wanted to recreate. I didn't exactly "nail" this one, but I'm actually ok with how it turned out.

My Version:

My Inspiration Photo:

source, even though it doesn't appear to be on their site anymore.

Colors Used:
Sinful Colors Let's Talk
Sinful Colors Dream on
Wet'n'Wild I Need a Refresh-Mint
Butter London Slapper
OPI Alpine Snow

I did a sponge gradient, my first time using more than two colors and my first time doing a gradient over a white base. I seem to have some real trouble getting right up to the cuticle when doing gradients. I think I'm overly concerned with clean-up while I'm doing it. I hate having paint stuck under my cuticles, and will sacrifice a good manicure to avoid it. 
The colors turned out a lot more muted than my inspiration, which left me with a very "Oooh look! Easter!" feeling. I think, if I were to give this another go, I would try the water-color method instead. I'd also use a more royal blue in there as well, perhaps Essie's Aruba Blue? Lastly, I think I would not use white as a base color. Maybe I Need a Refresh-Mint instead. Dunno. But I certainly want to give this another go in the future.

not a fail, but not a smashing success either. I give it a B-/C+


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