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Ulta High Roller + my first attempt at stamping

Amanda had this wild idea that we should do football themed nails for "The Big Game" this past weekend. I hate football. So much. I went to one game, and it was the most boring hour of my life. But I figured I should at least try to come up with something...though red and gold scream holiday to me. I pretty much failed, but at least I got to use one of my favorite Ulta brand polishes and test out my new stamp!

Colors Used:
Ulta High Roller
OPI Malaga Wine

the only word to describe this gold: frothy

two coat frothy perfection!

I grabbed a cheap Fingrs stamping kit at Walmart a while back, just to see if I'd like it. I didn't like it. I loved it! I'm hooked. Even with my piss-poor showing, I love the idea. I ordered a big stamper and a set of plates from Amazon today. I have trouble with doing things free-hand, because I see all the flaws and wonkiness of my designs. But stamping keeps the tiny designs even and crisp. If you were thinking of testing stamping, pick up that set from Walmart. For $5, it's a great test-drive.

These are kinda San Francisco colors...sorta.

even with my shitty little stamper, I love the results.
I can't wait for my new stuff!


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