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New Sinful Colors at Walgreens

New year, new polish!  Sinful Colors has new or revised core displays out now.  Rite Aid got a few existing shades mixed in to a sharper looking new vertical display.  Walgreens unfortunately still has the horizontal display, but they have new shades!

Calypso is a deep teal cream.

I "oooh'ed" out loud when I saw Calypso and hoped for the same one-coat formula that I've come to almost expect from Sinful Colors.  It is!  ONE coat!  I don't have big enough words for how much I adore this shade.  Pictures say it best.

It manages to be blackened without being black too!  I have a growing love of Sinful Colors creams, but this was instant top five.

Endless Blue is a glowingly vivid blue cream.

Here it is, the Nails Inc Baker Street drugstore dupe so many of us have wanted!  I don't own the pricey Baker Street, but I'd considered it.  I'm so glad I waited.  I've seen a comparison and they're virtually identical.  Endless Blue lives up to that one-coat 'standard' too!  Terrific!  Endless Blue is a mind-blower and a must-have if you love blue.  This is THE drugstore blue.

Enchanted is a deep blue-purple cream.

I did a bit of a double-take when I saw Enchanted.  It's fairly close to Mesmerize. Not dupes, but close.  Enchanted is purple with a blue tone.  Mesmerize is blue with a purple tone.

Beyond that though, Mesmerize was part of a collection that was called Muse at Walgreens.  At Rite Aid it was called....Enchanted.  Weird. It makes me wonder if they had planned to include Enchanted in the collection last fall and then decided against it.  It's another terrific, highly-pigmented, one-coater!  I love you so much, Sinful Colors!  Keep this pattern going!

Charmed is a dense mix of tiny silver and pastel multi glitter.

Along the lines of the recent China Glaze full-coverage glitters, Charmed is too dense to be used as a topper and covers with just two coats.  The effect is almost like a softer take on China Glaze Angel Wings.  My roommate thought it was holographic.

It sparkles beautifully!  I can see it being great for accent nails with all sorts of colors.  In ordinary indoor light it reminds me of Essie Beyond Cozy, just a bit.

All four new shades are in the Sinful Colors core display at all Walgreens that have reset their displays.  I really like all four, but Calypso really wowed me the most.  I'd call it and Endless Blue the must-haves, but I'd recommend all four...especially with a 4/$5 rumored to be coming soon!

Turns out the swatch I labeled as Enchanted was really Amethyst!  I *think* Amethyst is also new to the core, though it had been in previous LE displays over the past year or more.

I corrected the slot for Enchanted above.  Sorry about that!

....and as if I wasn't already singing Sinful Colors' praises enough, I still have so much more new stuff from them to show you!  There wasn't much doubt before, but they've absolutely clinched it now....they are my favorite bargain brand!


  1. ok, I must get to walgreens/rite aid. Dammit all.

    1. lol Walgreens! Rite Aid doesn't have these new shades. They *do* have Matte Finish though...and Daddy's Girl which is pretty awesome.

  2. Amethyst has been core, at least recently when I purchased it. I picked it up when I discovered that it's a near dupe of ChG Grape Pop.


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