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My First DIY Polish

In my dreams, I make my own nail polish and it's wildly popular. Like "put myself through beauty school" popular. But in reality, I have only made two bottles, in my kitchen, with cheap eyeshadow and Wet'n'Wild clear polish.  It turned out pretty neat though, and has given me an appetite for more.

Supplies Needed:

One bottle of clear polish. 
A couple of eyeshadow pots (I had an ELF palette that I used two small squares from)
A straw/spoon
A bunch of paper towels and counter cleaner. You will make a mess

  • Dump out a little bit of polish before you do anything. You need a little space to add the shadow and to shake it up. 
  • Using your wee spoon or straw, crush up the shadow you wish to use. I only used two small pots for this, and it's pretty thin. The more shadow you use, the more opaque (but matte) it will be.
  • Somehow, get the crushed shadow into the bottle. I cut up my straw so that it was slurpee straw-shaped, and used that as a spoon to shovel the shadow into the bottle. You should probably use a funnel of some sort...I imagine it would be less messy.
  • If you have them, add a couple of small stainless steel ball bearings to help you shake. If, like me, you don't have them, it's not a big deal. You will just have to shake more. Or find a willing husband to do it for you. ;)

The Finished Product:

It's so shiny! I love the tiny blue bits of shimmer!

Here it is on the nail. On my index finger, I applied about SIX coats to get it opaque. (Like I said, more shadow=more opaque) On my middle finger (right) I layered it over Wet'n'Wild On a Trip. Then I applied two coats of my DIY periwinkle color. The only difference I noticed is that while it was definitely easier to layer it, it didn't quite have the same depth in person.

Overall, I'm pretty pleased with my experiment. It has really made me want to get into making/selling my own polish. I think it could be a great way to put myself through school some day. But I wonder, is there really room for *another* indie polish brand? And what would I call it? Amanda says she has dibs on "pretty girl science".

Left: 6 layers/ Right: 2 layers over On a Trip

pretty pleased with myself. It's so shiny!


  1. Great first try! It is gorgeous! And there's always room for another indie seller, just... maybe remuneration isn't that high after all!

  2. thanks! Wait, do you mean I wont be able to charge $500.00 a bottle? Pfft, why bother?! ;)

  3. Oooo! Me likey! I use the wet polish brush to pick up the pigment powder & get it in the bottle when making frankens. I tried a funnel & a tiny spoon, but found the brush made less mess. lol

    1. ok, I might do that next time. I made a huge mess in my kitchen with all the shadow.

    2. Ooooo...pretty sparkly bits every where! & what a pita to clean up lol


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