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I'm Still Alive...

It's been a while. But I'm back! And with fancy-ish nails to boot! I picked up some new polish at Target, and just knew I had to do some Companion Cube inspired nails. But I am just not feeling the super detailed, literal interpretation right now. So think of this as "inspiration-lite".

Colors Used:
Essence Gray-t to be Here
Sinful Colors Easy Going

I tried my hand at doing the hearts by hand, even though I am the proud new owner of a konad stamp now. Lemme just say: NEVAR AGAIN. I'm sure we're all seen the Beauty Department collage on Pinterest. "Oh, just make two dots and then connect them in a point! Instant heart <3" Well, my response is "fuck you guys, I'm pretty sure you're witches." I could not do it. I tried...oh gods, did I try. But no dice. Finally I gave up and just mangled the pink mess into a heart shape. Next time, stamps or DIY decals. Because no. Not cool, internet. Not cool.

I love the subtle pinky-coral sparkle of the gray. So unexpected!


  1. I love the grey, especially with that pink shimmer!

    Actually the hearts look pretty convincing, and remember that in real life your hands aren't subject to this sort of scrutiny anyway, they are further away and moving around!

    1. Haha, thanks. I can see how wonky and drunken they look! It's driving me crazy!

  2. im with you, i am inept as hell at trying to do that silly two dot heart deal. you cant even tell you struggled though, they look great!

    1. aww, bless you. In person, you can see how lumpy they are. The ones on my left hand are *ok*...but the ones on my right...well, lets just say I am at NO RISK of being mistaken for an ambidextrous heart artist.


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