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Sinful Colors Matte Finish

The Sinful Colors buzz is all about Walgreens right now (especially with the $1 off circular coupon this week!), but fans of the brand need to check Rite Aid ASAP!  I love matte top coats, so I was really excited to see a new one from my favorite bargain brand!  The new Matte display seems to be a Rite Aid exclusive.  Knowing the pattern recently, it might show up at Target too - though I haven't seen it there yet.  Matte Finish is the only new item in the display.  Tagging along are Black On Black, Ardoise, Midnight Blue, and Mesmerize.  I tried it over Midnight Blue and a few other Sinful Colors shades and there's a comparison with two other top coats at the bottom of the post.

I used the display as an excuse to finally buy Midnight Blue, which I eye every time.  It was a good choice to pair with Matte Finish!

Matte Finish isn't the flattest, mattest matte top coat ever, but I love its soft, satiny finish!  It's so schmooove that I had to try it over a cream.  Georgio seemed perfect.

Georgious!  I really loved how this looked and I usually don't like creams mattified.  While I was swatching the Truth Or Dare collection, I figured I might as well matte a few more.  I prefer my glitter mattified, so I knew I'd be putting Matte Finish over this combo of Queen Of Beauty and Sugar Sugar.

It softened it just enough to let the sparkle still come through.  Next is Matte Finish over a combo I didn't include in the Truth Or Dare post, Sugar Sugar over GoGo Girl.

Love the stain sheen!  I'll be going back to Rite Aid for a few more bottles of Matte Finish.  It has so much potential!

I only own two other matte top coats, NYC Matte Me Crazy and Butter London...Matte Finish.  Yeah, they kinda have the same name.  The difference between the three is pretty striking...

BL Matte Finish * SC Matte Finish * NYC MMC * SC Matte Finish

Butter London is the most matte, making black polish look like charcoal.  Very flat.  NYC is somewhere between matte and satin.  Sinful Colors gives a 'soft-focus' look with a smooth, but still slightly shiny finish.  I've overused the word "satin" in this review, but that's really what this finish is.  I love it!

So the bottom line on Sinful Colors Matte Finish?  Worth owning, even if you have other matte top coats.  I think it's LE too, so I'd hurry and stock up!  It applies smoothly and easily and doesn't go gloppy and need thinning as quickly as NYC.

More Sinful Colors goodness (and some other stuff too) coming next week!


  1. Whoa, what a difference between the matte finishes! The BL one looks best to me from the picture - is that true irl?

    I've only got one myself - Mavala - maybe I should be trying out other brands for different effects :D

    1. Dunno about best, but it's absolutely the most matte. I like all three for different things, and this makes me wanna try more of them too.

  2. I wonder if you've considered taking your pictures from a bit further away and then cropping them? Your pinky is blurred, which is fine except that it makes the matte top coats comparison photo a little hard to see. If you moved the camera out from your hand a bit, you'd be able to spread your fingers out a teensy bit more and get them all in focus at once. Just a thought! Love the blog.

    1. Thanks :) I've tried that and it doesn't change the result enough to make the time spent cropping worthwhile. My camera is elderly.


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