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Milani Dark Coffee with a little cling film action

A few weeks ago, while trying to clean my house, I found my kids stash of tulle. (No, I don't know why they have a stash. But it seems they do. I found a TON) My nails were still wet, and the tulle marked my polish. It looked kinda neat. Now, normally I hate texture on nails. It's why I have thus far avoided the caviar and flocked manicures, and also why I have such trouble wearing glitters. But this was...different. looked a little like alligator skin. An idea was born. But first, I had to find a good brown that didn't remind me of shit.

I found Milani Dark Target maybe? I forget. But it's readily available at most drugstores. This is my first experience with non-glitter/non-neon Milani polish. I was pretty impressed. Aside from some dragging on my pinkie, it applied smoothly and opaque in two moderate coats. I also think it's a really flattering shade for all skintones, and could possibly be a nice neutral for darker folks.

Colors Used:
Milani Dark Coffee
OPI Just Spotted the Lizard

I find this color really wearable. I would definitely use it again.

And then I used cling film and blotted Just Spotted the Lizard on top. The two colors go wonderfully together.  After waiting a few seconds, I pressed the tulle to one nail...and fail. It just didn't look as cool as it had previously. (Plus, a few hours later it pretty much disappeared. My polished rejected this terrible idea.) So I continued on with just the cling film+JStL. I loved the look. It's like sparkly camo!

fail nail. :(

sparkly camo. My nails are shiny and invisible in the forest!


  1. I am unexpectedly drawn to this! I didn't think I'd like the colour combination but there's just something about it.

    Awesome mani, thank you for sharing

    1. :D Glad you liked it. I didn't think I'd like the brown at all...but it's actually a really nice color.


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