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Sinful Colors Kiss & Tell

Sinful Colors seems to put out a new display for every holiday, so I knew there'd be something for Valentine's Day.  I was really happy to see this at Walgreens at the end of last month.  (That girl looks so much like Alexis Bledel's character on Mad Men, doesn't she? It needs to be April 7th soon!!)  Like a lot of their displays, Kiss & Tell is a mix of new shades and reissued or core shades.  This time around, there are two new shades.  The display also included Snow Me White and Black On Black, but I skipped them.

Truth Or Dare is a deep berry pink cream.

I think this polish broke my brain a little.  It's pink.  It's unquestionably pink...but I *love* it!  What is wrong with me?  Truth Or Dare is a dangerous charmer.  It's shiny even before top coat, deep and rich enough to not be too bright or girly, and it' coat!!  Perfection!  Not a bubble, not streaking, perfect!  It's one of the two new shades from this collection.

It looks best in the soft sunlight of my kitchen, but even under the bright LED I still like it!  *checks temperature*  How could I not love this?  It's feminine and romantic without being too girly.

GoGo Girl is a bright red crelly.

I wasn't joking when I called GoGo Girl bright, was I?  It's a perfect, glowing pinup red.  Three coats for full opacity, but WOW!! RED!!  No bubbling or other issues and cleanup was easy, as reds go.

Georgio is a deep brown-red crelly.

 So rich!  So deep!  Such a nuisance to clean up!  It took me forever to get little red traces cleared off.  It really pinkened the cuticle of my index, but it's my fault for using remover right before this color.  I almost always get a dry, easily stained rim that comes off with the next pushing.  Still, Georgio applies wonderfully, opaque in two coats and with a dazzling shine almost as bright as the topcoat.  It's blackened, but not black.

My partner called it black, but he's a guy and what do they know?  It's obviously NOT black!  It's not red on me either.  It's very red on some people, but I think the warm tones of my skin pull it brown.

Sugar Sugar has fine red shimmer and larger gold microfleck shimmer in a cool-toned red base.

Opaque in two coats, but VERY thick.  Still, it's gorgeous and could help satisfy some cravings for several OPI reds at the same time, if you've got a tight budget.

Queen Of Beauty is small, round silver glitter in a clear base.

over Sugar Sugar

I had tried Queen Of Beauty over Truth Or Dare, but the simplicity of the glitter (and the thickness of the pieces) didn't look that great over a cream.  The shimmer in Sugar Sugar added that oomph that a basic silver glitter needs sometimes.  It applied very nicely and was smooth with just one layer of top coat.  The glitter pieces are thicker than usual, so a generous layer of top coat between the base and glitter is needed to prevent "digging".

Tantalize is a soft silver shimmer in a cool gray base.

Yeah.  I wanted this to work way better than it did.  This is the first time I've had "trenching" with a Sinful Colors polish.  It happened when I applied a third coat because the second looked a little streaky.  I think with very careful application this could be prevented, but Tantalize doesn't apply nearly as well as Truth Or Dare.  This is the only other new shade in this collection.

Only Truth Or Dare and Tantalize are new, so if you like them I'd say get them ASAP!  Georgio is also limited edition, but has come back several times.  The rest are all in the core display, so it would be safe to wait for the next Walgreens $1 Sinful Colors sale to get Queen of Beauty, Sugar Sugar, or GoGo Girl.  Of the six shades in this post, Truth Or Dare is my favorite, but I also really like Georgio and Sugar Sugar.

More new Sinful Colors swatches coming soon...along with soooo much other stuff!  See you then and happy Valentine's Day!


  1. I saw those. Really love georgio

  2. Thats funny bc I had the opposite issue. Truth or Dare was really thick and hard to work with but Tantalize was awesome! It is one of my favorite colors and formulas out of the SC polishes. I love SC but their polish formulas are a bit inconsistent. But, I am still a huge fan and will continue to purchase them!


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