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Before I Shortened Them, I Had To

Some things are just better on long nails.  Heat sensitive polish is up at the top of that list.  I'd hit a point recently where my nails were getting in my way...and clicking when I typed...and I knew I had to shorten them a bit.  I used the blue cream Claire's Mood Polish, Flirty/Shy, as a 'last hurrah'.

Seriously....look at these suckers!  Too damn long!  I was hitting them on everything and starting to feel like a badger.  The last time I had them long, I swore never to do it again.  I was up to SIX teabag patches by the time I posted that.  This time?  Not a one!  Hooray for ovals, they're so much stronger on me.  There's more to it than just the shape, but that's a post for another day.  You're here for the polish, not the nails, right?  Flirty/Shy is a deep, almost indigo, blue cream that turns to more of a true blue when exposed to heat.

The result on long nails is something between a gradient and funky french, with the tips staying dark and the rest of the nail going bright.  It emphasizes just how long these monsters had gotten too!

I have three of these Mood polishes, but Flirty/Shy is my favorite.  The color change is really sharp and crisp and both shades of blue are vivid and stunning.  With all of the fiddling I'd done with Sinful Colors' new Matte Finish top coat, I had to try it here too.

I love what its satin glow did to these blues!  The mood polishes dry a bit matte (along the lines of a neon), but I can't seem to get them to change color unless I top coat them.  This was a good compromise between the bold effect and the original finish.

Claire's Mood polishes are gone from most Claire's stores, but it's worth checking the clearance bins because you never know.  They're also a staple of blog sales, so you can probably track them down.

I can't imagine you're exactly dying to see my shortened nails, but there are several 'sneak peak' photos for upcoming posts over on twitter.  Sinful Colors fans will want to keep an eye on my posts this week...if they didn't already buy EVERYTHING in last week's sale.  I...kinda did.


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