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Color Club Beyond

I do like holos.  I swear I do!  I'm just not as crazy about them as almost everyone else who's into polish seems to be.  Part of the reason is the colors they tend to come in.  Silver's good.  I have three silver linear holos.  For years my only holo was Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Diamond.  The other typical holo colors though?  Pink.  Always pink, it seems.  Washed-out greens.  Pale blues.  Pastels.  Bleh!  Darker colors are a compromise between the holo flame and the deep pigment.  The balance is almost always off, but Beyond strikes it perfectly!

Perfect!  Just perfect!

Outstanding!  Vibrant!  ...but still BLACK!!  Sorry to keep tilting my fingers ever so slightly at you, but come on...look at this perfection!!  LOOK!!

At other angles it somehow looks even blacker and even did they do that??

Gorgeous at any angle really!

In sunlight you see even more of the blue and purple.

So then how does it look in ordinary room light?  Well...there's the bad news.  It falls a bit flat there.  This is the strongest flame I could get without LED or sunlight.

Most of the time it just looks like this...

All of those were without topcoat.  I'd heard really mixed things about top coating Beyond....but I had to know.  I added a coat of NYC Grand Central Station (which is an honorary top coat because so many people use it that way) just to see.

Maybe a little dulling, but nothing terrible.  Other top coats might dull it even less.

I have one other black linear holo, Layla Flash Black, so I figured I should compare them.  This is *exactly* what I mean about picking either holo flame or deep pigment with most linear holos.

Layla Flash Black on ring - Beyond on other fingers

Layla chose flame.  Flash Black makes Beyond look a bit weak, but it also shows just how black it looks.

Beyond was easy to apply, opaque in two coats, and really exactly what I'd look for in a black linear holo.  Top coat doesn't completely flatten it, but does dull it a little.  I wouldn't just recommend it, I'd say you outright need it!

This spring is really surprising me...I actually like a lot of the new polish out there!  I have plenty to show you over the next couple of weeks.  Get used to reading the words "Sinful Colors" because they've really outdone themselves again lately!


  1. The Layla polishes, while stunning, are way more pricey. If you can get a gorgeous look like this with Color Club, I say go for it!

    PS - really with you on the darker holos. They look so much more interesting!

    1. True, though I got Flash Black for $8 at Ulta on clearance and paid about the same for Beyond. I prefer Beyond, since it looks black.

  2. I agree on the darker holos being more interesting too! Beyond is stunning - it's sort of what I expected Glitter Gal Black to be (what seems like forever ago).

    I need to get a bottle of this :D

    1. You do! I really hope the China Glaze Hologlam collection comes to Sally Beauty in the next few months. Some of those look gorgeous, though not as holo-y as Beyond.

  3. This is such a nice holo, good photography to capture the effect too :)


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