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Sinful Colors Go Green

Sinful Colors really does seem to do every holiday, don't they?  Their St. Patricks Day displays are something of a 'legend'.  That's the only time of year they release Green Ocean, and those who miss it pine for months.  I only came back to buying polish in May, and every bottle of Green Ocean was gone by the time I knew to look.  I'd been eagerly awaiting the day when it would finally be mine.  I found it at the end of last month and practically danced!  This year it's in a display called Go Green.  It's a Walgreens exclusive, but some stores 'hide' it.  I first found it tucked away at the bottom of an endcap full of green wigs, plastic fedoras, and crap like that.  The other shades in this display are Exotic Green and Irish Green.  They're not new shades, but I haven't seen them in the core display recently either.

Exotic Green is a leaf green cream, leaning toward crelly.

Unlike the many Sinful Colors one-coat creams, Exotic Green's crelly-ish finish means it takes two to three coats for opacity.  It's worth the little bit of extra effort.  It's so vibrant and really the perfect shade of green.

Green Ocean is a blend of small and very small blue-green iridescent glitter and blue-green iridescent mylar shards in a green-tinted clear base.

I was originally going to layer Green Ocean over black, but then I realized that the three Go Green shades would work well together.  Over Exotic Green, Green Ocean doesn't pop like it does over a darker base, but it still stands out.  Green Ocean doesn't apply as perfectly as thinner flake glitters, but it's also not the nightmare that shards can be.  It takes a bit of dabbing and poking with the brush to get everything where you want it (the shards sometimes try to form lumps) and the formula's thicker than honey...but it's beautiful and worth a little hassle.  In lower light the colors really start to come out!

In person you can catch moments of a blue so deep it's almost purple.  Really stunning and completely deserving of the pining people do for it!  It's also great mattified.

Irish Green is a very bright green jelly.

I haven't worn Irish Green on its own, but it layers really well!  I think it might be a dupe for Spoiled Permission to Proceed.  It's close, at least.  Not at all what I associate with the name, but I like the jelly formula.   It really brought out the bright blue in Green Ocean.

This was greener in person than it looks here, but this isn't too far off.  There's even more depth and character too.  I like all three of these polishes, but I love them together!

Green Ocean is a must-have, despite the formula.  My unexpected favorite though?  Exotic Green!  I couldn't stop staring at it.  Irish Green is nice, especially for jelly sandwiches.

More green tomorrow!


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