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I still love crackle nailpolish. I can't help it. I know most people are totally over it, but not me. I'm gonna bring it back. Last night, the lovely Melinda and I decided to start a bring crackle back from the graveyard of passe trends. Basically, I think it'll be her and me, just using the silly hashtag until everyone tells us to shut it. 

Colors Used:
Sally Hansen Black Crackle (because its badass!)
Nailtini Mai Tai


  1. I reckon it's a nice effect, and I wouldn't say I am over it... it's just I wasn't ever really into it!

    1. I love it. Have since it first arrived. It gets such a bad rap nowadays, like parachute pants and banana clips. ;)

  2. I would be totally willing to bring it back with you, I love the look of a good crackle.

    I really like how you did it over orange, I think it looks so good over neon colours, or high sparkles :)

  3. I still love metallic crackles and China Glaze Crushed Candy. I ended up getting almost every China Glaze crackle on clearance, because they're that versatile and fun.


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