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Sinful Colors Rags To Riches and Scene Stealer

A family emergency is keeping me busy again.  The same person who was in the hospital in May is back in again.  Between work and visiting him, I haven't had time to swatch.  They're trying him on different meds and he'll be out when they start working, hopefully better than what he was on before.  Poor guy!  I really hope they get it right soon and he starts feeling better.  I took these photos a little while ago and wasn't thrilled with some of them.  Originally I didn't like one of the combos and I was going to try a different base.  When I looked through my folder yesterday I decided I was wrong.

Bear with me through the blahblahblah, because there's an "invisible" third product reviewed here.  Rags To Riches and Scene Stealer are from the Diamond Lust collection, a Walgreens exclusive.  They cost $2.99 instead of the usual $1.99.  Some Walgreens stores got a shelf display with eight of these bold glitter combos, while others got a hanging aisle display that also has Over The Top top coat.  When I bought two of the glitters, I decided to try the top coat too.  As much as I like Gelous, I also like having options and trying new stuff.  I used Over The Top over both of these combos, finished with a coat of NYC Grand Central Station.  Like Gelous, it also smooths out potentially lumpy finishes.  Over The Top has a stronger smell, almost like glue, but it stops smelling once it's dry.  It also gets slightly stringy at times during application, but it's nothing I found too messy or difficult to use.  I did unintentional wear testing the last time he was in the hospital and it held up well over Revlon Fig Jam for the few days I wore it.  I'm definitely impressed by this top coat and it's half the price of Gelous.  Yay!  Now, finally, it's glitter time.

Rags To Riches has green microglitter, tiny gold glitter, and sky blue holographic medium hexagons and large diamonds, all in a clear base.

over New Wave

This was the one I knew I wanted before I'd even found the display.  I love the color combination!  Application was a little tricky.  The small and microglitters go on just fine, but the hexes and diamonds take some placing and have to be encouraged to come out of the bottle.  It doesn't take much fishing, but I did do a little.  Again, I'm so glad I got the Over The Top top coat too.  It turns a pretty glitter mix into a sparkling sea with a bit of enchanting depth.  At different angles different aspects take over and the result is a really pretty and changeable look.  The holo effect of the diamond glitter is much more visible in person.

over New Wave

over New Wave

over New Wave

Scene Stealer has small fuchsia glitter, small gold hexagonal glitter, and light pink large holographic diamond glitter.

over Aubergine

This took the same kind of dabbing and placing as Rags To Riches.  The mix of glitters in Scene Stealer isn't quite as varied or dense though.  Over The Top top coat also smoothed it out beautifully.  Again, the diamonds have more of a holo effect in person.

over Aubergine

over Aubergine

over Aubergine

Bottom Line: The best thing about this collection is how varied the different shades are.  The glitter mixes aren't just the same thing in different colors.  The sizes and shapes vary too.  Gemtastic doesn't even have diamonds.  I chose these two because they have the most delicate and varied assortment of glitter.  I especially love the green microglitter in Rags To Riches.  I'd absolutely recommend getting Over The Top top coat, if you can find it.

I hope this post made at least a little sense.  I'm so tired lately that when I was getting ready for work last night, I was half-way down the stairs before I realized I wasn't wearing pants.  I wish I was joking.  It'll be such a relief on so many levels when he comes home again!


  1. These are pretty! They remind me of the Pure Ice glitters that came out awhile back with all of those diamond-shaped glitters in them.

    1. Thanks! :) I always forget about Pure Ice because I don't shop at Walmart. lol


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