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Wet'n'Wild ColorIcon Pop Art Trios

Part two of my superawesomehappyfuntime Walgreen's haul was a pair of Pop Art trios from Wet'n'Wild. They are such fun! Not especially wearable on a daily basis, but definitely can be worked into your daily routine for a pop of color here and there.

The first one is Three's a Party. It's a mostly-matte trio. The red has a little bit of shimmer, but not discoball-esque. I was pleasantly surprised by the red. The swatches and pictures I had seen made it look very tomatoy, but its really a good solid red. A bit on the warm side, but not tomatoy at all.  It's also pretty pigmented, which is hard to find in a red eyeshadow. I honestly don't know how much use I'll get from this, but it sure is fun to look at.

The second one I grabbed, after much debate, was I'm Seeing Triples. I don't have a green like this in my vast collection, so I felt I needed live. It is just as pigmented and smooth as Three's a Party, but I think these are far more wearable. It looks pretty matte to me, but I haven't seen the sun here in days, so there might be some sparkly things hiding. I would love to take that green and blue and use them as liners. Ideas ideas ideas!

Bonus: I did a look using I'm Seeing Triples and posted it to Instagram the other day. Enjoy my shitty cellphone pic. (I really need to use the back camera instead of the front.) I used NYX eye pencil in Milk as a base, but I almost didn't need it. I really like the pigmentation in these shadows!


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