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The Best Thing I've Learned From the Internets

 Just a quick little thing: the best way to dry your makeup brushes ever! I saw this on r/makeupaddiction, and I wish I could remember the user who posted it. It's absolutely genius! All you do is put a hair elastic around your brush (double it for thinner brushes) and the bring it around the back of a towel bar and over the top of your brush handle. They will be secured and protected from curious children and asshole cats until they are nice and dry!

If the original genius who posted this is reading this: THANK YOU! You're brilliant and I love you!

hooray shitty cell phone picture!


  1. This is really awesome. I wish I had a towel bar in my bathroom, because I would definitely be using it for this!

    1. they make magnetic towel bars and towel bars with little tape pads as well. This is definitely an idea I am going to keep around.


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