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Slimdown Saturday: Vacation Edition

Not really doing one of these today.  I had two days where I gave myself free rein and pigged out...and I'm doing it again on Monday.  I'm on vacation!  My "diet" is a lifestyle change, so I don't feel like anything is ruined.  I ate soooo much at the fair on Thursday, but I went right back to behaving myself yesterday and I've been good today.  Overeating makes me feel a little sick now, so I'm not tempted to do it all of the time like I used to.  I'm up 3 pounds this week (after a low of 200.5lbs at the start of the week), but I've done this's mostly water.  It'll come right off.  My point is that this was a choice, not a failure and I'm not sweating it. back to the swatching!


  1. I'm glad you've got such a positive attitude on this :) You go girl!

    1. Thanks! :) I've already got a celebratory mani planned for the day my weight starts with a 1 again.


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