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Fireworks on the Fourth Of July

Last year I wanted to freehand firework nail art.  It sucked.  This year it still sucked.  Fortunately, I'm suddenly a capable stamper.  Weird, right?  I had a TON of sheer, shimmery polishes picked out and there just happened to be a suitable image on the little plate from the Essence Stampy Set, so I did a couple of practice nails and...WOW!!  It may be weird that I can suddenly stamp just fine out of nowhere, but I love how this turned out!  This is my first full mani with stamping.

The base is FingerPaints Black Expressionism, still my go-to black cream.  I used eleven different polishes for the stamping, though I'm not sure all of them are in these photos.  Sally Hansen Cyber, BLU, Pixel Pretty, Resolution, Hi-Def, Lite, Strike A Pose, Lime Lights, Marine Scene, Ruby Clarity, and NYC Lazy Sundae.  One of my many sub-obsessions is sheer shimmers and Sally Hansen is the all-time reigning queen of them!  I looooove that they stamp so effortlessly!  Yaaay!

I'm so giddy over how easy this was!  I can't wait to get the Cheeky Happy Nails plate I ordered...shame they take so long.  Should be soon though!

I'm gonna keep just tilting my fingers at you and's a holiday and I don't have big plans.

I'm going to see real fireworks tonight too!  They're my favorite part of the 4th.

It smells like corn on the cob in here.  Almost dinnertime!  Hot dogs, red beet eggs, dill redskin potato salad, corn on the cob, and apple pie!

Hope all of our American readers have a great Fourth and that these aren't the only fireworks you see today!  Happy birthday, America!


  1. Nice job! Congratulations on the stamping :-)

    1. Thanks! :) I'm still a little shocked that I can stamp now! lol

  2. I really like this polish! I think it's actually my favorite 4th mani that I've seen. Plus I love how you used polishes that mostly show up only when light is on them. That is one of my favorite things to do with polish. It's like hidden design.

    1. Aww, thank you! They're a little more visible in person, especially when see straight on, but yeah there are angles where you can barely see the fireworks. I wanna use a few of these polishes to stamp Cheeky plate came! :D

  3. I think they look great! I'll have to remember this for next July 4th!


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