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Slimdown Saturday: Late Late Edition

Note- This feature touches on a lot of issues for me and may include what you consider TMI, whether physical or emotional.  Harassing comments will be deleted.

I've got about half an hour of Saturday left so I'm still on time, right?  I got completely carried away swatching something for Monday and stayed up waaaaay past my bedtime, so today's post is gonna be another quick one.

I have a bit of progress to announce...another pound down!  I've now lost 25lbs and I weighed in at 202lbs.  I'm *so close* to my first goal!  I think the next time Ninja Polish restocks Mystic Glacier, I'll be under 200lbs and rewarding myself.  We're also getting closer each week to my thyroid level blood test.  I have to get that done sometime next month and I'm really hoping to have lost enough for my current dose to be right again.  If it is, I can go another year until the next test.  I think the chances are good.  I'm feeling less tired and achy and more like myself again, so the meds might be on target already.

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The ticker tells it!  I'm at about the half-way point!  I'm feeling good and fitting into more of my clothes each week.  My fat jeans are starting to sag and a shirt I grabbed in a hurry one day last week was actually too big!  Such a good feeling!

The plan for this week was to finally write up the specifics of what I'm doing...but that obviously didn't happen.  Maybe next week...


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  1. Yay you go woman!!!!!! Great job :)))))

    1. Thanks! :D I'm down another half pound since!

  2. Congrats! I'm right there with you- I'm going to be playing volleyball at my University, and this whole summer has been spent working out and trying to get back in shape. It's hard work, but the payoff is amazing!


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