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Layla Softouch #10 - Turquoise Splash

I loveLOVElove this polish. I saw it forever ago at Ulta. With it's $9.99 price tag, it was a bit over my "I wonder what you look like" budget. But when they went on sale recently ($4.99 at my Ulta, though there isn't a whole lot left) I had to grab this blue.

I wish my pictures were better. I wish the captured the soft green flare in the background of the polish. I wish they captured how smooth and lovely the final product truely is. In person and on the nail, it reminds me of what Haley's Comet looks like in the bottle. All sparkle and fire. It dries to a lovely satin finish that feels very smooth for a polish packed with this much sparkly bits.  I used 3 coats, but I bet shorter nails could do with 2, because this stuff is quite thick and frothy.


  1. It looks fantastic in the pictures, I can't imagine how it must look IRL! :D

    1. the picture do NOT do it justice at all. It's got this soft green sheen to it...unbelieveable. My oldest kid thinks it looks like the Zoya Pixie dust...and it does. But it's completely smooth.


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