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Nicole by OPI A-nise Treat

It's funny, but for someone who supposedly doesn't like textured polishes, I'm slowly building up a collection of them.  Nichole and I have both posted about Sally Hansen Razzleberry from their first colleciton of Sugar Coat polishes.  Now they have a second out and I'm tempted by a couple of them.  I also have Rock Candy from Julie G's Frosted Gumdrops collection and Zoya Liberty is on its way to me now too.  I somehow wound up buying A-nise Treat when I finally spotted the Nicole by OPI Gumdrops collection at my favorite CVS.  A friend was trying to convince me to get Cinna-man Of My Dreams because she says it's like a textured version of Just Busta Mauve.  I took a long look at it and still wound up with A-nise Treat instead.  What can I say?  Black with sparklies is a major lure for me.

A-nise Treat is a black textured polish with a ton of silver glitter.

I have to say, I really prefer glittered textures over the cream ones.  I think they make more visual "sense" and I don't react as strongly to the finish.  Easier to apply too.  The Sally Hansen Sugar Coat textures are rough as sand paper, but this is more like a cat's tongue.  I don't have the same issues with it as I do with the coarser kind.  This really isn't any coarser than glitters like Essie Beyond Cozy or L'OrĂ©al The Queen's Ambition.  It might disappoint you if you're looking for something really funky and rough.  A-nise Treat doesn't disappoint me at all.  So glittery that my camera couldn't quite handle it.  When the sun catches it just right it lights up!

So sparkly!  I love it!  Since Razzleberry stamped so well, I had to try it with A-nise Treat too.  I used Kleancolor Metallic Aqua and little off-kilter squares from the Cheeky #10 Happy Nails plate.

After that I had to gloss it up too, just to see how it looked.  It took a couple of coats of Sinful Colors Over The Top top coat and some NYC Grand Central Station to protect it, but it smoothed out without too much hassle.

It doesn't really change the look all that much.  I swear this isn't the same photo as the one above it!  It keeps most of its dazzle in bright light too.  I don't see too much point in using top coat and I think it looks better without it.

Bottom Line: I like it!  I can never get enough twists on classic black, so this is another great option.  It applied wonderfully and is completely opaque in two coats.  Cleanup wasn't too difficult and the texture isn't as rough as some others.

Tomorrow's post is a lot smoother, but has just as much sparkle.  Oh, and in "real-life" news, the family member who was in the hospital came home on Friday.  I mentioned it in my Slimdown Saturday post, but I know those don't get many readers.  He's still got a long way to go, but at least he's home and doing a lot better overall.


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