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Sally Hansen Prabal Gurung Spring '13

Wow I'm late with these!  I posted the three Tracy Reese shades back in May, then Dune from Alexander Wang last month.  To recap briefly, I bought most of this Designer Collection and I like pretty much all of it.  I'm really impressed with two of today's shades too.  Prabal Gurung's Sally Hansen collaborations are starting to rival Tracy Reese's.  He was the one who brought us Gilded Lily (one of the few Nichole's swatched too), after all.  His upcoming fall shades look like they have potential also.  The whole Designer Collection for fall looks great in previews.  They've also collaborated with Tracy Reese again and with Rodarte for what I think is the first time.  I know I'll be buying at least a few of them.  I'm dreaming of fall collections already.  I have been for weeks.  But let's step back to spring briefly...

Resurrection is a medium dusty purple-toned blue cream.

This is the one I ran out to buy.  It's tough to describe.  I think the color is technically "glaucous blue".  Not really helpful, is it?  Resurrection is a dream to apply  and gorgeous on!  Two coats of smooth perfection.  Overall I'm still very impressed with the reformulated Complete Salon Manicure line.  I wore it as a base for Pink-Grape Fruit...that's how long ago I swatched this!

Apparition is a silvery pale metallic blue.

This is two coats and it's got brushstroke issues.  Nothing horrible, I've seen MUCH worse, but enough to bother me.  It's also so faintly blue that it's practically silver.  I'm not disappointed exactly, but I'm not in love with it either.  One thing in its favor, I did a test stamp with it and it has a lot of potential there.  I had to sponge it.  Had to!

All better!  Brushstrokes are gone and it seems slightly more obviously blue this way too.  Still, the effect is almost more of a cool silver than a light blue on me.

Angel Bite is a deep and mysterious dark burgundy crelly.

I don't think I'll ever not love shades like this.  I have so many, but I'll take every finish and variation I can get.  So bold, sexy, and just...mmmm!  I told Angel Bite, out-loud, that it's beautiful.  Really.  This is two easy coats...again, impressed!  I did get very tiny bubbles on a couple of nails, but you'd have to have my fingers at the tip of your nose to notice them.  The patchiness at the gap is entirely my fault.  Angel Bite is *just* too opaque for sandwiches, but I might have to get a second bottle to franken a jelly...because wouldn't that be almost unbearably gorgeous?  The crelly finish me...I die.

Humminahumminahummina!  The best part?  It's never black!

Bottom line: I'm crushing on Angel Bite so hard even though I probably have a similar cream.  The crelly finish really adds something to this vampy beauty.  Resurrection is great too and I don't think I have a dupe for it.  Apparition is just ok, with some brushstroke issues and not that obviously blue on me.  My favorites from the Spring '13 Designer Collection are Angel Bite, Resurrection, and Butterscotch.  Honorable mention goes to Soy Latte and Hot Lava.  Dune is not that flattering on me, but wore well.

I mentioned I'm buzzing with excitement about fall (and later) collections...well I decided I want to buzz a little louder, so I started a Pinterest board to gather promos and stuff like that together.  I'm so ready for August to be here...once my break from work is over, that is!


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