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Sinful Colors Ahoy There/Sail La Vie

Sinful Colors never ceases to amaze me.  In just over a year I've gone from just knowing of them to owning over 100 of their shades.  This summer they've flooded us with something I adore, blue creams.  Between repromoted shades and brand new ones, I feel like every single display they've had this season has had at least one terrific blue.  Ahoy There/Sail La Vie trumps them all with a whopping FOUR blues and they're all new!  The displays also have a surprisingly wearable yellow (also new), a red jelly, shimmering flecks, and Snow Me White...which I don't own.

Anchors Away is a bright medium yellow cream, bordering on orange.

Unlike a the many Sinful Colors one-coat creams, Anchors Away takes two coats, but more for even-ness than opacity.  I was really surprised by this color.  I gave it a chance because I'd stunned myself by liking Sally Hansen Butterscotch.  I think I might like Anchors Away even more!  I wore it as the base for Maybelline Clearly Spotted and I loved the combination of the black and white over such a bold color.

Cross My Heart is bright cinnamon red jelly.

Cross My Heart is a bit like GoGo Girl's warm-toned sister.  It's a bit sheerer though.  This is three coats and it still has that "squishy" look and shows my nail line.

Sail La Vie is an almost-pastel (but not quite) light cool blue cream with just a hint of shimmer.

I want to like Sail La Vie so much more than I do, since I know so many people are crazy about it or its Sinful Shine dupe Al Fresco.  Nothing against the shade itself, it's just not very me.  The formula is good and this is two coats...but personally it leaves me a bit flat.  I'm counting it as a cream because the shimmer is almost completely invisible.

My Bouyfriend is a medium blue cream.

Hooray for more Sinful Colors one-coat creams!  I love all three of the darker blues in this collection and I hope they show up in future collections to.  The only negative thing I can say about My Bouyfriend (great name!) is that is has that sulfur smell that lovers of blue polish know all too well.  The price of rampant blueness, I guess.  My camera got all three of these somewhat wrong. My Bouyfriend is pretty much somewhere between the two of these photos.

Into The Blue is a cobalt blue cream.

I gasped when I put this on.!  Gorgeous.  Stunning.  Amazing.  One coat and!  Supposed to be a very close dupe for OPI Eurso Euro, but I still haven't swatched that!  Soon!  Again, the real color is somewhere between the two photos.  I love that it's so deep, but never looks black.

New Wave is a muted navy cream.

So much love for this one!  My camera is bad at blue, so it doesn't really do the shade complete justice, but it's close enough this time that I didn't feel like I needed two photos.  Again, one coat!  Love love love LOVE Sinful Colors creams!  I also wore it as a base for Rags To Riches.

Out Of This World has dense silvery-white microfleck in a clear base.

This swatch is from my review of Pool Side Polish.  I prefer to layer it because this was FOUR coats and you can still see my nail line clearly.  This time around I layered it over Sail La Vie...

over Sail La Vie
...and Into The Blue.  Love Out Of This World over pretty much any cool color.  Such a great topper and nice on its own, if you're patient and willing to do tons of coats.

over Into The Blue

Bottom Line: Did I use the word "love" enough times?  This might be my favorite of any of the recent Sinful Colors displays.  I have a ton of reds, so I could have passed on Cross My Heart, and Sail La Vie just doesn't do it for me.  The rest though?  Pure love.  So.  Much.  Blue!  One-coat blue creams are always welcome in my collection.

My vacation has begun!  'Bout time too.  I'm hoping to finish up the rest of my spring and summer swatching on my break, so there will probably be a flood of swatch posts from me.  Maybe even some nail art.  Maybe!


  1. I love their blues too. I just took Neptune out of my untrieds (about time) and I have so much love for it! I think I got Into the Blue too. That's the one that really called to me from this collection.

    1. Neptune's one I don't have. I got back into polish *just* in time to miss that collection completely. I have Zeus, thanks to a friend, but that's all. :(

  2. I already bought what I wanted from this collection, but you make everything look so good I'm tempted to go pick up more. No, I won't do it, but all of these look so amazing on you!

  3. I love My Buoyfriend and Into the Blue... May have to get Buoyfriend just for the name, LOL. Do they look dupey to anything else (besides Eurso which you mentioned)? I have a lot of blue cremes (pardon, creams) and don't want to dupe...

    1. Something, probably, you know how creams are. lol The only other dupe-ish things I have for Into The Blue are all jellies.


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